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About us

A few years ago, a bold idea was born in a small artist's studio: VUGUD, a revolution in interior decoration. Alice-Myrto, a passionate artist, had the desire to create timeless memories for every home. She dreamed of an innovative way to transform photos into tangible works of art, evoking intense emotions.

Thus, the idea of VUGUD was born, a platform where everyone can create personalized posters by uploading their photos and personal quotes. VUGUD's mission was to capture love, happiness, and many other emotions that weave the fabric of our lives. Surrounded by a team of enthusiasts, talented artists, and technology experts, Alice- Myrto brought her vision to life. The glowing testimonials from delighted customers multiplied, reinforcing VUGUD's passion for creating unforgettable experiences. Today, VUGUD is more than just a customization platform. It is a brand that tells stories and immortalizes unique moments. Join this beautiful adventure and let VUGUD transform your memories into captivating emotions because each personalized poster tells your story




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